First Time Learning. Writing
Художник: O`Toole Jeannette
Издательство: Autumn Publishing, 2016 г.
Научный редактор: Зиппер Клементий Евстигнеевич
Верстка: Таиров Вениамин Ерофеевич
Корректор: Лучаев Борислав Исидорович
Объем: 384
Формат: txt, fb2, pdf

Описание к книге "First Time Learning. Writing"
Distinctive, new design and colourful illustration will keep little learners engaged and on task. Reward stickers on every page and integrated picture stickers will help motivate and build confidence. This book makes the ideal preparation for school and provide parents with a valuable link between home and pre-school learning activities. Вы можете скачать First Time Learning. Writing.

First Time Learning. Writing
First Time Learning. Writing

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